Friday, November 10, 2006

The Metaphorist Explains, Pt. 3

You know how you have a big fight with your girlfriend and she calls you an asshole and a loser and a deadbeat and she tells you she wants her CDs back, and you say: "Fine, I always wanted to go out with your best friend, anyway"? And you do, and you and the best friend get along great and she cooks for you and cleans your house and lends you money? Only then your ex gets a nose job and a butt tuck and she starts looking really good to you? And you ditch the best friend and call your ex and say "Break up with you? Are you crazy? I never broke up with you. Baby, I never stopped loving you"?

This is like that.

The Metaphorist Explains is a regular feature of Minty Goodness.


Jessi Buchanan said...

Oh my GOD! He gets to maintain his freaking seniority?!?

Bill Barol said...

I know. I guess this is what comes from being technically tied with the republicans and needing everybody who's even remotely a democrat to stick close to home... and "remotely a democrat" is what lieberman is. sure seems like he went to harry reid and started hinting he'd cozy up to the other guys if he didn't get to keep his stripes... or golly, am I being cynical again?

molly cb said...

hey, don't blame me...i switched my registration and ran an endgame around that whole annoying "residency" thing and voted in CT, like a good, party-line democrat.

money on which chairmanship he gets?

ron said...

um, is joe the boyfriend in the metaphor, because he became an "independent," or is he the girlfriend, because all the dems now want to have sex --metaphorically speaking -- because he won?

Bill Barol said...

joe would be the boyfriend in our little morality playlet, "ron."

(please note that minty goodness does not endorse breaking up with people because their friends are hotter, and assumes no liability for injuries sustained in the course of any such breakup. please also note that minty goodness LLC is a legal partnership chartered under the corporation laws of the state of california and cannot be sued, threatened, cajoled, or chucked under the chin and called "champ.")